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Birth Doula Services

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Quotes Anna was a VITAL part of our birth experience! She was confident and self assured but in no way intrusive. The most valuable part of her presence was the way she coached my husband in playing an active supporting roll that we were both SO thankful for. She has a calming and motivating presence. I highly recommend Anna as a Doula and will go to her again if needed! Quotes
Amber C.
Birth Doula

Quotes I loved working with Anna as we prepared for the birth of my baby girl! She was very fun, professional, and supportive. When my fiancee and I needed a sounding board and advice, she was great at making sure we understood everything and was supportive of us, no matter what. When we ended up needing to have a c- section to bring our little girl safely into the world, she was nothing but encouraging and made sure we were always comfortable with what was going on and her level of involvement. Anna came with us to the operating room, talked with Paul and me through the surgery, then went to the corner with Harper after she was born to take pictures of her first minutes of life, sharing them with me as I waited to hold her. Anna remained with us in recovery and helped in my first breastfeeding experience, then left when we were comfortable and ready for alone time with our beautiful baby. Having Anna involved with our pregnancy and birth was one of the best decisions we could have made, and Quotes
Heather H.
Birth Doula

Quotes I loved having Anna at our birth. I had planned an unmedicated, water, birth center birth but back labor got the best of me. She encouraged and soothed me throughout the process and once I finally begged for the medicated hospital birth, I felt no judgment from her. She even ran a red light along with my husband on our way to the hospital. She took such great care of both me and my husband and I ended up having the most peaceful, light hearted birth I could imagine. She is such an uplifting and encouraging presence and any mom would be lucky to have someone like Anna by their side. I not only found a great doula, I would now consider her a very dear friend. Quotes
Amber R.
Birth Doula

Quotes She was AMAZING! During labor i could only hear her voice over everyone elses. She wasnt being loud but she had a calm soothing voice that i could pin point and helped so much! She gave so much great advice and helped me to go through with my plan of having a natural labor. It was just such a great experience and i would DEFINITLY use her for the rest of my pregnancies. Quotes
Hallie Kresin

Quotes Anna was such a great support for me and my partner. We were not sure what to expect at first, but after our first meeting with her, we knew we wanted her with us during the birth of our son, especially since we were planning on having a natural birth. Anna offered suggestions and ideas for us to consider with regards to our birth plan. She shared resources and information when we asked about cloth diapers. She also talked with us about different things we might expect on the day we would go to the hospital. During labor, Anna supported us by providing guidance to help me relax during contractions, but also supported my partner with ideas to help ease my discomfort. Anna was also a great liaison between us and hospital staff. Anna just knew how to be involved and helpful without interfering with our experience together. She also kept notes and took pictures that she used to help us commemorate the day. We felt incredibly greatful and fortunate to work with her. Quotes
Tara Hamilton

Quotes It is very difficult to find the words to describe the amazing experience we had with Anna as our doula. We could not have asked for a better labor and delivery and we attribute a lot of it to Anna and the wonderful and beautiful role she played in our becoming parents for the first time. She helped me stay focused on my breathing and on my husband and the things he was doing to take the focus off the pain. She was a great support to him as well and encouraged him in the ways he could help me. In the end we achieved our goal of having our little girl naturally and we wouldn't have had our birth experience any other way! We love Anna! Quotes
Meg and Aaron Jones
Birth doula