Birth Doula Services

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Birth Doula Services

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A doula! What is a birth doula?

The word, "doula", comes from the greek word: δούλη, which is translated to mean, "A woman who serves".  A doula, put into plain terms is a professionally trained and experienced birthing and labor coach.  She provides physical, emotional and educational support to a mother and her partner before, during and shortly after the labor and delivery experience.

Numerous clinical studies have shown:

- A reduction in need for Pitocin, forceps or vacuum extraction and cesareans 

- And with a doula, a mother tends to reduce a mother's need for pain medication and/or epidurals

- Reduction in negative feelings about birth experience 

- With a doula, labors tend to be shorter with fewer complications

Research shows:

- When parents use a doula they feel more secure

- They are successful in adapting and building new family dynamics

- Greater success with breastfeeding

- Greater self-confidence

- Tendency to have less postpartum depression

- Lower incidence of abuse

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